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Aug 12, 17

Made with love

Did you ever see a website or a webapp where it said "created with ♡ by Jon Doe" in the footer? Hardly never. When I first saw it I thought, it's kind of cute. Guess what, numerous people on the internet thought so, too. Now it is hard to find anything on the web without the pesky ♡. Not only the heart, though. No, nowadays stuff is made with coffee, beer, pie... The cuteness is long gone.

Also, it is not only about making anymore, the corporations joined the choir of loving people. Github hosts "with ♡" now - how lovely. Apparently it is really hard to not do something with ♡ now.

Even though I like the thought of an honest "Hosted for $ on AWS" as Amazon clearly does not care too much about for whom and what they are hosting, no heart from them, just a heart for the green paper; it contributes to the uniformness of the Internet and the fake kindness for marketing purposes.

What puts me off about the trend is in part the fake-ness that swings with it, in part the blind fellowship for the latest trends. The only thing that remains is to not contribute and wait until the hip-most hipster realizes the trend has an end.


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