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Feb 05, 23
SAYM Mobility GmbH
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SAYM was a ride sharing platform for periodical car sharing. The goal was to connect people within commercial districts to organize their commute. People who might never have met could share a ride home and save money.

The SAYM application matched ride requests and ride offers based on the route and times. It took appropriate meeting points into consideration. The application would then suggest appropriate compensation for the driver.

SAYM Logo        Fig. 1: SAYM Mobility GmbH Logo

The SAYM Mobility GmbH collected over 150.000€ in investment money by                                     and provided their service to a network of about 5000 employees.

Key figures in the company were:

  • Daniel Bogdoll as CEO
  • Benjamin Dörries as COO
  • Philipp Uhl as CTO
  • Thorben Flatemersch as developer
  • Fahad Jafrey as developer

In 2020 the Corona pandemic hit and commuting was reduced to a minimum. SAYM struggled to get additional funding, given the challenging situation and decided to shut down operations later that year.

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