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Dec 21, 18
Published on Feb 05, 23

Deadd Notification Center

Visit Deadd Notification Center on Github.

The deadd notification center is my first serious open source contribution, ever. It is a notification center for Linux that displays desktop notifications and shows them in a notification center, similar to the design on Windows 10.

A screenshot of the deadd notification center application
A screenshot of the deadd notification center application

It is a replacement for the popular Dunst notification daemon on linux. I initially build it because I was unable to get Dunst to display notifications with transparent backgrounds. While it was possible to set a transparency value, it would also effect the text, i.e. make the whole notification transparent.

It set out to build my own notification daemon to fix this. It also was a great opportunity to learn to work with D-BUS in Haskell. Yes, this project is written in Haskell. I know, right?

While it was a great experience to build the whole thing in Haskell, it did have it's downsides: The package management is... suboptimal. The build often breaks due to changed dependency chains. Also, there are not so many Haskell open source contributes around. Still, the project has received contributions by 17 people (as of 2023).

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